Monday, 1 August 2016

The Lake Isle Of Innisfree By William Butler Yeats

Peace and satisfaction can be found easily in the lap of nature. Beauty of the nature helps to overcome stress and brings happiness.

The presented poetry piece "The Lake Isle Of Innisfree" has been composed by W.B. Yeats. The poet has drawn the authentic picture of nature and its beauty. As he had spent a lot of time during his childhood at the bank of the lake isle of innisfree. The poem can be summarized in following ways: -

(a.) Lonely place for peace - W.B. Yeats says that the bank of the lake of isle of innisfree is lake island and the simple place with natural beauty and peace. He spends leisure during childhood. So whenever he wishes for peace and happiness, he visits there.

(b.) Gardening and honey - The poet wishes to build a small cabin of clay and wattles at the island. He longs for growing nine row of bean and to have a beehive for honey. To enjoy life in peace and happiness he selects the unique place.

(c.) Natural beauty - Yeats realizes the fact that peace appears slowly and steadily in small drops in the morning. Cricket makes melodious sound in the evening. The midnight presents a fairy look and non gives a purple colored brightness. Insects fly in the sky at evening. It creates nature living picture that brings happiness.

(d.) Fascinating words - The poet wishes to visit the island and to enjoy the slow sound of water moving towards the bank of the lake. Even standing on the pavement or roadside he hears fascinating sound deep in his heart.

To sum up the poem the beauty of nature and lonely place brings happiness and peace both.
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